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Consultancy services

Consulting is not a buzzword at LOEW: We help you to save time and money by giving you individual advice at the product development phase on technical production issues or with regard to manufacturing problems. Right from the moment you send us your enquiry, you will have a technically competent partner at your side "who knows what's doable" and what costs will be involved.

Full service package

You can obviously engage us to either provide one or more of these single services, or you can take advantage of our full service package - from development consulting, on to the manufacturing and assembly based on framework agreements, through to our delivery service. This will enable you to incorporate the benefits of high-end manufacturing in your own value-added chain.

Our success factors:

  • We create complex milling and turning geometries.
  • We employ innovative production techniques and find new ways to realize or improve your components.
  • We ensure maximum precision and reliability with our professional production control mechanisms.

You benefit - because we manufacture faster, more flexibly, more reliably and more efficiently!

Regardless of whether you commission us to manufacture your components or modules, benefit from the supply reliability and flexibility of framework agreements together with our own delivery service, or take advantage of our full service package - we'll achieve what is "technically feasible" for you!

We are more flexible and faster on account of:

  • quick decision-making processes at a proprietor-managed company and fast response times,
  • our qualified and motivated workforce,
  • our high-tech machinery in conjunction with individual service packages,
  • our strong capability for creating added value - from development consultancy through to quality assurance.

We are reliable on account of :

  • decades of realization and manufacturing experience in the machining sector - for premium component quality and the closest of tolerances,
  • our deployment of high-performance machinery and state-of-the-art measuring systems,
  • our comprehensive quality management and quality assurance processes,
  • our professional production control mechanisms and start-to-finish project management.

We are more efficient on account of:

  • a high degree of automation - even for small series,
  • our flexible staff deployment and multi-shift operation,
  • minimal administrative costs,
  • our framework agreements for avoiding capital commitment, inventory risks and storage costs,
  • optimized workflow processes and close collaboration with the customer.