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We produce components that are beyond most other companies - with state-of-the-art manufacturing from LOEW!

In contrast to traditional manufacturing companies and suppliers who focus on standardization and maximum automation, LOEW Präzisionsteile GmbH regards itself more as a high-end manufacturer.

Three main attributes, from which our customers benefit every day, make our company stand out from the competition:

  • We combine our know-how and over 20 years' practical experience of machining and manufacturing
  • with the possibilities of cutting edge machine tools,
  • and offer you customized service packages tailored to your requirements.

Uncompromising quality

Precision tolerances down to 1000th of a millimeter are no coincidence, for quality awareness is a paramount factor in every core and secondary process at LOEW. The potential of high-end manufacturing can only be fully exploited, both technically as well as economically in the interest of our customers, with a consistent quality management process.

At LOEW, this means:

  • "Ongoing improvement" right down to the very last detail - based on proactive communication both internally and externally, and in close collaboration with our customers' experts.
  • Targeted investments in more capable and efficient machines and measuring technology - not only for the production hall, but also for quality assurance purposes.

It goes without saying that we are certified pursuant to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008, while DIN EN ISO 13485 certification is currently being implemented. To our way of thinking, the quality of a future-oriented company is reflected not just in the quality of its products, but also in its environmental awareness. That's why LOEW Präzisionsteile GmbH is a distinguished member of the quality association of ecology-conscious companies.

  • ISO 9001 Certifikate

"One-stop products" is not an advertising slogan at LOEW:

We offer our customers individual consulting, manufacture our components to the closest of tolerances with variable batch sizes, and we systematically check our products and assemble them reliably. The result is what we believe to be maximum effectiveness for your budget, because we translate your ideas and design specifications into products with the greatest precision, in good time and flexibly. A trusting and integral collaboration is crucial to achieving this.

We will be glad to support and advise you right from the development phase - beginning with the prototypes, through the preproduction and pilot series, and on to the production stage. You can choose to what extent you make use of our services. Whatever your decision, we will reliably and efficiently realize the most "technically feasible" products that can be achieved utilizing advanced machine tools and workable materials. That is the hallmark of high-end manufacturing at LOEW.