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Do you need precision parts?

There's no question about it. High-tech systems would be unthinkable without precisely engineered innovative components that frequently have to be as light as possible, yet robust, and must always be an exact fit.

Precision parts are often the key to success, especially in sectors such as the medical systems, automotive, aerospace, traffic engineering, environmental and energy industries, as well as being a fundamental requirement for optics, measurement and control systems. Equipment, machinery, plants and systems are becoming increasingly complex in the wake of more challenging demands, and thanks to your know-how they are also becoming more and more powerful. The intelligence of the software is gaining in focal importance in many areas, but it can only fulfill the desired function in interaction with equally capable mechanics.


Medical systems


Your core expertise as a development and design engineer lies in the technical and functional conception of these very mechanical components, whose intelligence is to be found not in the product itself, but in its development and manufacture.

The solution is innovation - the result of blending creativity, technology and experience.

The challenges faced by you and your team are ever shorter development schedules and innovation cycles coupled with reduced budgets and smaller production series. These factors frequently push the following questions to the fore: "What is technologically feasible from a manufacturing point of view and what materials can we use?" "And how can these precision parts then be produced as reliably, quickly and cheaply as possible, but without investing in proprietary manufacturing centers and without the risk of surrendering our own know-how to our competitors?"